Construction Machinery Parts Market Situation Brief

Construction Machinery Parts Market Situation Brief
Engineering machinery parts market automotive market accounted for a relatively high market, which is one of the reasons their equipment performance requirements generally higher, corporate buyers is very concerned about its performance characteristics, we provide original products, we hope to identify what a colleague "" hero, "Qi Jing Ltd. Shiyan happy to serve you." Twelfth five-Year plan "pointed out major mechanical projects is the focus of development, with the accumulation of a certain period in the past, China's manufacturing industry especially with the major manufacturing projects some experience, but also have sufficient funds and sufficient talent pool, so investment machinery key parts of the field of metal is the time. of course, even invest and build factories, and sales channel establishment is still a problem, the traditional sales channels construction machinery parts sales basic channel, which faced distributors, resellers, retailers, multiple squeeze profits if companies in a large open platform, directly to end-user sales, in terms of profit gains, customer service, brand building to get pole Great convenience.
The industry is divided into two parts for construction machinery and plant parts being deputy plant parts. Deputy plant parts with genuine parts have their own advantages, the degree of matching accessories are factory will certainly be higher than deputy plant parts, so the use of n-plant parts so that the overall performance of the machine will not be compromised. But the agents major parts store sales are sales of accessories and maintenance accessories sales. So many places in the lower parts are factory level circulation, a lot of people buy genuine. Therefore the establishment of channels, improve the level of logistics has become a top priority. Enterprises should fully consider this aspect of the Internet and telephone sales and other forms of advantage. As soon as possible to improve their parts sales channels.
In terms of price, construction machinery, deputy plant parts is due go hand workshop mode of production, its production costs will be relatively low. So if you want to be positive plant parts dominate the market, the first to unify the market price at the store and his co-agents, regulate market prices. Through access to raw materials price advantage, lower manufacturing costs to complete disadvantage in price. In certain product quality for customers to worry, by attributes and data to allow customers to recognize your product quality is guaranteed, far higher than the engineering machinery, deputy plant parts and working time machine compatible degree. The only way to get a good reputation. To know ourselves, to our own weak and strong Gongdi, completely defeated, deputy plant parts in the customer mind brings hesitation and negative emotions, most of the middle to pull customers genuine spare parts of the camp.
And the current construction machinery spare parts business because of the growing market demand and higher profits become a new profit growth point to pursue the manufacturers, but at present in China, the spare parts business is still in its early stage of development, lack of standardization of the market, the manufacturers in particular, an agency invested money and energy is also very limited, leading to confusion in the market spare parts, accessories, customer awareness is not high pure bad status quo.
So, to say the line the opportunity to create high-end, high-quality construction machinery parts Vice plant, in line with customer awareness, but also to increase market rate, while guiding customers to feel genuine parts, rapid growth. Engineering machinery parts market


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