Weifang Diesel Engine WP4 for Farm

As the state has increased efforts to support agricultural and rural development, agricultural modernization of large-scale mechanical work is in full swing forward. Weichai firmly grasp the new trend of China's agricultural modernization huge demand for agricultural machinery, efforts to strengthen the structure and organization in the field of agricultural equipment. Founded in 2014 Weichai Power agricultural equipment sales company, and introduced the unique advantages of agricultural equipment power - Weichai WP4, agriculture fully into the field of power equipment!

WP4 series of products with mature European agricultural equipment powered descent, is Weichai in the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies on the basis of relying on Weifang "smart power" platform, using the Group's strong R & D resources, according to the Chinese agricultural equipment power torque reserve Large, high reliability, environmental adaptability, etc., tractors and harvesting machinery for power development, covering the 80-160 horsepower, supercharged mechanical pump + / turbocharged technology, and a proven three-stage technical reserves (electronically controlled high pressure common rail turbocharged and intercooled + technology), with a powerful, economical fuel-efficient, reliable and efficient advantages.

Powerful: WP4 low-speed technology with low-speed torque, acceleration performance and good features, maximum torque of 600N · m, torque reserve rate up to 30%, can be widely different areas to meet the needs of farming and crop harvest, great improve operational efficiency of agricultural machinery.

Fuel economy: Weichai United Nations major agricultural machinery manufacturer, for the actual working conditions throughout the country, through a large number of practical tests and experiments, matching WP4 types of tractors and harvesting machinery for targeted optimization and development, by matching powertrain technology to maximize fuel economy to broaden the lowest engine zone, the engine running for longer in the area of low fuel consumption, make the machine work efficiency at their best in order to achieve super-fuel-efficient engines.

Reliable and efficient: WP4 gantry body structure, machine rigidity, better adapted to the harsh environmental requirements of agricultural machinery; 93 unique dust filter configuration, the machine can adapt to the harsh operating environment, the pre-filter effect more than 93%, effectively extending the main filter maintenance cycle, effectively prevent engine wear and tear; standard water removal filter assured, the complete elimination of the fuel in the water, impurities, significantly reducing the failure rate of the fuel system, in addition to more than 98% of water efficiency, reduce high pressure fuel pump, fuel injector failure rate; with two balance mechanism, effectively reducing body vibration and reduce noise. High temperatures, high altitude, cold ordeal, adapt to harsh environmental challenges, cold start performance, -15 ℃ smooth start, good altitude adaptability, 4,000 meters above sea power without loss.


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