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"Jilin auto parts business manager training" for the auto parts enterprises to accumulate positive energy

November 22, sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, Jilin Automobile Electromechanical Dealers Association, Jilin Province, Shun Electronic Commerce Limited, the global Auto Parts Network host of "Jilin auto parts business manager training," the official opening!

Training will be invited to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center experts, senior business consultant services listed a number of well-known e-commerce businesses, senior certified instructor. In addition, the business group also invited two guests from Laizhou, Shandong and Qingdao: Laizhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Dong Ming Ma Xiaodong, general manager of Qingdao Ai Fente Ltd. Zhouai Bing, general manager with the participants to share practical experience. It contains auto parts industry status, trends, domestic and international situation, problems, ideas and so on.

"With e-commerce to enhance the competitiveness of the auto parts enterprises in Jilin Province", "Year in China, so the global trade", "power of tomorrow - the auto industry interchange salon", "enterprise e-commerce development and use of the Global Auto Parts Network Products service and presentation "and other classes are taught by experienced experts and lecturers to make detailed explanations and adequate explanation. Experts lecturer in the most flexible and vivid teaching methods in a short time trainees through an intensive counseling. Class, participants speaking students to ask questions, share their own experiences abroad outside, analyze the characteristics of global buyers, communicate practical problems encountered in the development of enterprises and lecturers to seek optimal solutions; between classes, students have the expert ask, ask for training materials and business cards, to facilitate future learning exchange.

Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce leader Jiang Director Tian Director at the opening ceremony were speeches speech! The two leaders described the current situation of the automobile industry in Jilin Province, Jilin Province and the development of vehicle and parts enterprises have high hopes!

The training will aim to better serve our province and auto parts enterprises "going out" to create conditions to further expand the scale of automobile and parts exports, the majority of the province to enhance the student auto parts manufacturers, distributors management capabilities broaden the business development ideas.

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