Kaka market for new heavy Aspect Yuchai YC6K supporting JAC Gallop Listed

Kaka market for new heavy Aspect Yuchai YC6K supporting JAC Gallop Listed Source: Yuchai Group

Long ago, users have asked us YC6K When are supporting other models. Now, after supporting joint truck, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, star models this circle of friends, the addition of a new member - JAC Gallop.

Currently YC6K been supporting models listed

So JAC Yuchai joint launch of this new model in which there are a selling point? You can stir the current heavy truck market?

JAC + Yuchai What new advantages

Which products adhering to the JAC Gallop "To make money" philosophy has always been, equipped YC6K green power champion, vehicle cab width lying comfort, quality transmissions, automobile frames carrying, light weight, vehicle handling and lightweight, fuel-efficient.

According to reports, YC6K series engine from the moment of birth to emphasize high quality, which is based on a new generation of world-renowned brand based on the same engine platform developed integrates the latest technological achievements in today's world, with more than 30 technology patents. For the first time in the industry, the use of engine reliability growth technology to break through the weak Chinese manufacturing reliability; originality introducing precise combustion and electronic control technology, engine reverse cross-flow cooling technology, high-strength materials and efficient cylinder engine braking technology and the successful application of innovation to significantly improve the service life of the engine emissions to meet the Euro VI standards. The technical performance indicators YC6K actually achieved far ahead of similar engine, fuel consumption is a key indicator than weight indicators among the forefront of the world's advanced level: the lowest fuel consumption, fuel consumption is rated point lower than the 5% to 8% of the world's advanced level; the main structure parts are made of high-strength compacted graphite cast iron, engine weight 15% less weight than conventional engines, three consecutive years of gains, "saving champion" title, with 580 horsepower and high-horsepower engines sit tight in the top spot in the country. Also available as an option with a dedicated joint development JACOBS cylinder brake system, brake low speed, better braking efficiency and further improve product competitiveness.

Yuchai Pledge

Yuchai commitment, any one engine failure occurs in vivo non-human machine head to be demolished to solve, free of charge for the whole. While taking rapid response mechanism failure, general failure commitment does not exceed eight hours, a serious failure does not exceed 72 hours.

According to reports, in 2016 JAC Gallop A5 planning and development of products equipped with Yuchai YC6K total 22. It has completed the development of 4 products.

JAC Gallop from the bottom of its IPO in 2002, with its accurate market positioning, superior cost-effective, stable product quality, strong after-sale protection, favored by the users, quickly established its position in the mainstream of China's heavy truck market; succession He won the "most fuel-efficient models Award", "five-star service brand" (the only heavy truck group winner) and many other awards.

I believe the launch of the Yuchai YC6K supporting JAC Gallop will be the new heavy truck market in 2016 an "debris flow", JAC Gallop and Yuchai will be resorted to "prehistoric power" in the industry to make new subsection wave off the high-end high-powered products.

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