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Dongfeng commercial peak power shocked the market two new products, Denon Kam days off together

Dongfeng commercial peak power shocked the market two new products, Denon Kam days off together
      Dongfeng commercial vehicle good governance, only for more power trucks, recently, two brothers Dongfeng commercial vehicle: Dongfeng, Dongfeng off together, have launched their own new products.

Peak power, efficient sail - sail Dongfeng Tianlong heavy version -13L Listed

As competition and integration of the logistics industry, the users of the timeliness of the increasingly high demand, which also continued to improve the driving dynamics of the vehicle. In order to meet user demand dynamics continue to improve, launched in 2015, Dongfeng commercial vehicle version of Dragon sail on the basis of further optimization of the power system to match, in August this year launched an upgraded heavy goods - sail Edition -13L .

Peak power Dongfeng heavy sail Version -13L Listed

Because the displacement 13L achieve a real sense, so torque up to 2330Nm, 2100Nm of torque more than the opponent as much as 12%;

Because the high torque, so more power surge;

Because power is more emotion, so when climbing can not downshift, downshift less at higher speeds by!

Because power is more emotion, so the light come on when the door to overtake the vehicle can respond quickly!

Because power is more emotion and attitude can be easier to obtain higher speeds!

These advantages can sail 13L industry-leading efficiency of 6%, in accordance with the increase of 20,000 kilometers per annum, the annual income higher than the industry brand with more than 53,000 yuan.

13L is a sail with a good high-security car

Product comes standard with two more intelligent compression engine brake, a shift control three cylinder braking action, obtain higher downhill speed; second speed control six cylinders braking action, for greater the braking force. Two-stage compression engine brake more effectively shorten the braking distance, to avoid wheel Zhidongshiling, improving vehicle safety performance while improving transport efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and the removal of water spray, a year can create 60,000 customers value.

13L is a sail adapt to various road conditions ATVs

For efficient logistics and transport industry typical plain high-speed, integrated road, mountain road conditions, sail 13L offers a variety of power matching system, equipped with excellent characteristics 13L engine, to ensure that the vehicle speed range for good economic performance and higher power common speed, to provide users with the best experience of power;

Sail 13L is a hassle free car

40,000 km vehicle to achieve consistency maintenance, reduce costs and stop frequency, save money and worry;

Kangmai maintenance standard wheel end, 500,000 km maintenance-free;

Standard 750L large capacity fuel tank, mileage (with ginseng, pictures, RFQ) more than 2000km, to ensure high-speed navigate worry;

Standard camel 180Ah capacity maintenance-free battery, to ensure worry-free electricity;

Dongfeng sail 13L, will become a long-distance truck new benchmark for efficiency, to the pinnacle of power, to help you efficiently set sail.

Classical tradition quality technology to create efficient --2017 paragraph five countries listed Xintian Kam Innovation

Kam days since the market has been nearly a decade, called the domestic classic truck. Decade of sword, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. On this basis, the new launch of 2017 models Xintian Kam, using the international mainstream of electronically controlled high pressure common rail + SCR after treatment technology, the country Ⅴ emission standards, proven, and do four upgrade:

Efficiency of the new upgrade: for power, economy and vehicle volume and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, effectively improve operational efficiency

Some models of the engine upgraded from 160 horsepower to 180 horsepower, Dora Run no pressure.

Some models from the 6-speed gearbox upgrade to 8-speed, faster acceleration and lower fuel consumption.

Tablet vehicle upgrade from 6 m 6-6 m 8, van vehicle upgrade from seven meters 5-7 meters 7, effectively improve operational efficiency.

State five 2000bar UHP EFI technology, powerful.

Vehicle equipped with low rolling resistance tires, extend tire life, while effectively reducing fuel consumption.

Enjoy comfortable new: cab make 11 improvements innovation to improve ride comfort, "money" and "enjoy" correct

The most outstanding noise cab, create the most tranquil driving space.

Standard seat airbag cushioning to reduce vibrations from the road surface and the vehicle body.

Standard four wheel and reduce driver fatigue.

Standard vehicle curtains, enhance cab comfort and privacy.

Standard 24V power connector, convenient and quick.

Smart new technology: with a number of intelligent devices and intelligent freight entertainment system that allows cardholders feel the new technology brings convenience

Equipped with automatic cruise control, reducing unnecessary speed changes, the liberation of the feet, fuel efficient.

Remote keyless entry with central control and electric windows, convenient and quick.

Freight professional navigation can reasonably avoid the limit line, the height limit, limit the road, but also a key to navigate the nearest service station.

Car multimedia entertainment systems, can enjoy their leisure time when other goods.

Optional parking sensor and reverse image, easily solve parking troubles.

New security guarantee: with a number of active and passive safety equipment is, traffic accident rates lower and higher braking efficiency, lower accident injuries

Optional lane departure system, assist the driver correct direction.

Before optional forward collision warning system, effective way to avoid rear-end collisions.

ABS + + four-loop automatic adjustment arm, improve braking efficiency

The retractable cab occupants after a collision mitigation of damage.

Door impact beams, reduce accident injuries.

2017 models Jin Xintian comprehensive coverage of urban distribution, agricultural and sideline groceries, live, fresh express, courier and LTL five cold chain logistics market segments, to meet the demand for cars of different conditions.

Peak power Dongfeng heavy sail Version -13L Listed

Classical tradition quality, technology to create efficient! 2017 models Jin Xintian writing classic, creating a legendary, will be the best car of your age five selected countries.



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