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[M] Japan's Teijin will acquire 84 billion yen large US auto parts manufacturers  Source: Sohu Finance - Auto Channel

Japan's major chemical materials manufacturer Teijin September 13 announced plans to pay about 84 billion yen to acquire a major US auto parts manufacturer Continental Structural Plastics (hereinafter referred to as the United States CSP, headquartered in Michigan, USA). US CSP company specializes in processing and strong lightweight materials designed to improve fuel efficiency and promoting the automotive lightweight large US car firms trade frequently. In lightweight materials - carbon fiber ranked second in the world in the field of lightweight Teijin will acquire technology through the acquisition, in order to increase the prices of three major US car shipments.

This will be implemented by Teijin largest sum ever corporate acquisition. December Teijin will acquire all the shares of the Fund and other United States CSP will incorporate it into its wholly owned subsidiary.

US CSP specializes in the processing of glass fiber lightweight materials, grade 1 suppliers and large US car prices direct deal. Teijin will the company specializes in technology as its own strengths and carbon fibers are fused to develop lighter and more robust components.

The same day, President of Teijin pure Suzuki press conference in Tokyo, said, "Not only is carbon fiber, (Teijin) will introduce a variety of high-performance materials to meet customers' needs." The company in 2030 and strive to enhance the car with scale composites business to around 200 billion yen to about three times in 2015.

Japan's Sumitomo Electric has recently announced that the company decided to acquire large US company Keystone sintered parts business.

Sumitomo Electric, a wholly owned US subsidiary and special purpose company set up by the company and Keystone SEUHO company signed a purchase agreement, by the special purpose company and Keystone Inc. (the surviving company) merged, the company acquired the entire share SEUHO Keystone Corporation. In addition, the completion of the acquisition formalities will be completed in late September this year.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components Group's business from Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Company as OEM business globally, with Japanese manufacturers as the center, cars, air conditioners, and other parts manufacturers offer a variety of products. With this acquisition the company will expand sales of products to the US Department of automobiles and parts manufacturers to improve visibility in the United States, further access to global business opportunities.

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