Cummins ISF2.8L engine topped the "2016 Power Pioneer list"

Cummins ISF2.8L engine topped the "2016 Power Pioneer list"   .original title: Cummins ISF2.8L engine topped the "2016 Power Pioneer List"

Cummins ISF2.8L engine is the driving force, durability, energy saving and other aspects of the optimal independent engine products. The future of the five countries, six phases, Cummins ISF2.8L engine will get more room for performance.

On September 20, the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and the "China Automotive News" Society held the "2016 Internal Combustion Engine Advanced Manufacturing International Forum and Power Pioneer Award Presentation Ceremony" in Beijing. Cummins ISF2.8L light diesel engine won the "2016 Power Pioneer" title.

The theme of this year's Pioneer Award is "Power Challenge", which aims at selecting the optimal engine products for power, durability and energy saving. Selection activities in accordance with the brand, market and product technology three projects evaluation. Among them, the product technology in the three projects accounted for the largest weight, 40%; brands and markets each accounted for 30%.

Which lasted more than two months, after registration, initial evaluation, expert re-evaluation of layers of screening, the results finally announced. Cummins ISF2.8L engine to perfect the quality, superior performance and good reputation to win this dynamic Competition Competition.

"ISL 2.8L ISF3.8L engine has been overshadowed by the light because the Cummins launched the first in the world 3.8L displacement, quickly won large acclaim, which led to the introduction of ISF2.8L engine is relatively low-key a lot, but This machine has a broader prospect in the market, its application range is very wide, and has been tested at home and abroad mainstream customers, I believe in the future country five, country six stage, it will get more performance space. ISF engine Futian Cummins company customer support director Ma Ji said at the ceremony.

Assessment experts said that the internal combustion engine is the most energy-saving emission reduction vehicles, the most intuitive products. Therefore, we must have energy-saving emission reduction technology has an advantage, and has a good market performance of the engine products to board the power Pioneer list. Can be seen, Cummins ISF2.8L not only in the market performance of the industry's recognition, more energy-saving emission reduction technology by the industry's respected.

Cummins ISF2.8L engine and the same series of 3.8L and the future of 4.5L belong to a platform, but the lightest, smallest, torque speed range of the most broad, with excellent power output. It satisfies the dynamic demands of different markets and customers around the world with superior power, reliability, durability, economy and environmental standards. Currently widely used in light trucks, light passenger, pickup and SUV.

Cummins ISF engine since put on the market, has quickly become the flagship product of the domestic light diesel engine. Creating an average overhaul mileage of more than 500,000 km, 20,000 km of the oil drain cycle, the first to achieve the Euro 6 emission standards and a number of new industry standards. Relying on its "high-speed heavy-duty" the core characteristics of the terminal to win the unanimous endorsement of the city and the inter-city logistics express the ideal power choice.

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