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Test the truth: Dongfeng 450 car usage reports!   Source: Truck House Original title: Dongfeng 450 car usage reports!

Dongfeng 450 has a 5000 km. Ran a long distance trip, did not dare to pull the car so much back and forth is 25 tons, Dongfeng cab to sit more comfortable.


1, the engine explosive strength and speed.

2, vehicle 45 tons, fuel consumption I counted more than an eighty per kilometer, full speed (according to my add oil, as well as car dashboard fuel income)

3, pump-pound inflatable fast, better than the previous 375 not the slightest bit,

4, the brakes may be!

5, Dongfeng cab! Stability is good, the atmosphere comfortable.


1, the dryer? Or urea barrel? Too much exhaust gas or gas-pound? Too loud, for a while there will be a no!

2, light throttle, there is no large-pound car refueling gratification, to the force. It may not meet

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